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Ten Top…Shows to see at Vault Festival

Vault Festival, London’s biggest arts festival, which sees hundreds of new shows, events and performances explode across The Vaults Theatre and Waterloo, is now into is sixth week run at Vaults theatre.

Haven’t made it along yet?

The below gives an overview of ten top theatre and comedy shows you should see before this celebration comes to an end on 18th March.

1. Neverland The Creators of The Immersive Great Gatsby invite you to step into the place between dusk and dark, awake and asleep, on an adventure to rediscover your lost child in a soaring, messy, beautiful adventure.

2. Void Two freight containers have been placed outside VAULT Festival. Inside them, two one-on-one performances. Written by Annie Jenkins and Joe Kerridge, these stories are born from current dialogues about harassment, abuses of power and gender.

3. Revolution The inevitable revolution has begun. Its outcomes however still hang in the balance. Seize victory by any means and create your perfect London.

4. Pendulum Can you resist The Pendulum and escape The Pit? A live torture game that blends virtual reality and immersive theatre to test your nerve and reveal your darkest fears.

5. Soul in the Van A singer, singing soulful songs in the back of a van, to a handful of people, for 25 minutes.

6. Wrecked Site specific piece of theatre set inside a crashed car just moments after a devastating accident. Just six audience members follow Sam as she uncovers what lead her here.

7. All Boxed Up A comic exploration of what it means to be a female when it pays to be macho, to constantly have to re-examine your identity in order to survive.

8. Guy Kelly’s Letter of Last Resort Star of The Beta Males, Guy Kelly’s going it alone with “Letter of Last Resort”. A standup show about mental health, masculinity, and how close we’ve come to nuclear armageddon.

9. James Hamilton is so pregnant Triple award winning comic James Hamilton (creator of critically acclaimed sketch group Casual Violence) is pregnant, and due to literally give birth live on stage tonight. Come watch (in horror).

10. Phoebe Walsh: I’ll have what she’s having Phoebe does some lovely jokes about the struggles of living, working and finding true love in this post-truth world

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