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We are keen to support the creative community working on Leake Street and ensure that other people in the local area continue to value the contribution that tunnel activities bring to the neighbourhood.
The below rules are designed to create an enjoyable experience for everyone.

  1. Graffiti and street art are permitted, and actively encouraged, on the walls of the Leake Street Tunnel.

  2. Graffiti outside the authorised area will be removed.

  3. Graffiti featuring sexism and misogyny, racism, homophobia or transphobia, or any other form of discrimination is not permitted and will be removed.  As will graffiti with political connotations or commemorations.

  4. Graffiti featuring advertising is not permitted and will be removed.

  5. Please take all empty spray cans home or dispose of them responsibly

  6. Wheatpasting is not allowed anywhere within the Leake Street Tunnel or Leake Street Arches.

  7. Leake Street Tunnel is a public space, and so antisocial, indecent or offensive behaviour will be responded to in the same way as other public areas.

  8. All noise is to be kept to a minimum after 10pm to avoid disturbing local residents.

  9. Drinking alcohol in the tunnel is NOT permitted, unless it’s under the guidance of an approved event.

  10. Taking drugs in the tunnel is NOT permitted and will be reported straight to the police.

  11. Amplified music is not permitted in Leake Street Tunnel unless as part of an authorised event.

  12. Fire/smoke emitting devices are not permitted as excessive use sets off smoke/fire detectors in adjoining property and may cause concern or hazard to other tunnel users and neighbours. Please DO NOT use smoke grenades etc. Any such activity will be reported to the police.

  13. The only motor vehicles that are welcome are authorised service and event vehicles and emergency service vehicles. The police will issue warnings and seize vehicles where necessary.

  14. Visitors should take care when working at heights or on any structures in the tunnel and do so at their own risk.

  15. All events (including photoshoots and filming) must be authorised by submitting a request form (see Events Section)

  16. Non-for-profit events (including photoshoots and filming) will generally be approved within 24 hours (providing standard safety terms are agreed to)

  17. Copyright Notice - Street artists are very welcome to participate in the Leake Street Arches project by adding their art to the tunnel.  However, by doing so, you agree that:

  • Images of your art may be used by LCR, its tenants and other persons for a variety of purposes (for example use in publicity materials, social media, filming or photography, advertising and promotion) without any obligation to make any payment to you;

  • The art in the tunnel is by its nature live and evolving.  Your work may this be painted over or modified, just as you may paint over or modify existing works by other artists.

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