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Ten Top…Graffiti Spray Brands

Whilst we might not fully accept that idea that “an artist is only as good as his tools”, there’s no question they play a pretty important role in the creative process! With spray providing the key component to graffiti and street art, which ones are best to use? As with all our Ten Top features, our results are pretty subjective and will always depend on what exactly the artist is using them for but the below ten are the ones we feel perform consistently well.

10. Ironlak Designed with the artist in mind, this vibrant 90 colour range performs incredibly well in all climates. Pre-fitted with an Ironlak Widow Maker fat cap, it also boasts good coverage and control. For more information see

9. Kilz Well known and widely used by many graffiti artist Kilz Spray Paint has been voted as best spray can on numerous occasions. The only catch is that as the best white spray paint, they don’t have any other colors 😉 For more information see

8. Kobra Known as the train spray paint, this Italian brand offers a fast-drying paint. For more information see

7. Scribo The creators behind these cans have tried to make them as environmentally friendly as possible with a recycled aluminium can, no cfc’s, no lead in the paint or aromatic solvent they are the essential low impact spray paint. For more information see

6. Krylon Known for its durable finish and easy to apply features, this spray paint is mostly used at home and on surfaces like wood, metal, wicker, glass, and paper craft projects. For more information see

5. Evolve As a reliable paint, sold for a very decent price, Evolve has a very strong sponsorship with graffiti artists. For more information see

4. NBQ NBQ’s low pressure can makes it well suited to detail work and gives great results on all surfaces. For more information see

3. Liquitex Developed specifically for professional artists, these water based sprays do not carry the same dangers as conventional spray paints and are low odour.  However, being water based means they are only suited for non-permanent or indoor use as water will wash the paint away. For more information see

2.Plutonium Due to its high pigment load Plutonium can provide up to 2½ times the coverage of other aerosol paints and also offers superior coverage on metals, masonry, wood, wicker, paper, some rubber and plastic surfaces For more information see

1. Montana Montana has a wide selection of spray cans available for affordable prices. If you want to be quick this is the can you want to use, it dries fast and consistent and has a low scent. For more information see


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