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Ten Top…Dishes to try at Banh Bao Brothers

Offering inventive authenticity with contemporary style and shunning the normal Vietnamese pho found elsewhere in the capital, Banh Bao Brothers serves lunches and dinners of noodles and Banh Baos, together with a wide range of Vietnamese inspired cocktails.

The restaurant’s core dish is the Banh Bao – the Brothers’ take on the traditional Vietnamese breakfast bao that can be eaten at any time of day. Co-Owner Chris explains: “The traditional Banh Bao is a steamed dish made with minced pork, Chinese sausage and a quail’s egg. Like all our dishes, every part of it – including the bao – is made from our own recipes, in homage to tradition. We also offer our own distinctive flavours as well as the time-honoured ‘OG’ bao.”

Alongside the food, come plenty of cocktails! Influenced by old country flavours and served in the welcoming neon hue of the Jade Dragon Bar, where an ancient folk tale of the kiss of the jade dragon inspires both the coolest of décors and the house cocktail, the eponymous Jade Dragon Kiss.

So for modern Vietnamese food in one of London’s coolest locations, head to Banh Bao Brothers. You can download the various Food Menus here but here’s ten of our favourite dishes to get you started…

1. Bun bo hue, sticky chicken wings and bao OG

2. Chicken croquettes

3. Clay pot salmon

4. Cluck Dat (a chicken banh bao with pork and prawn spring rolls lunch combo)

5. Grilled okra, chicken croquettes and pork and prawn spring rolls

6. OG Bao

7. OG Traditional banh bao

8. Pork and prawn summer rolls

9. Stir fried chow chow, veggie spring rolls and Jade dragon kiss cocktail

10. Veggie Purple Tofu Broth


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