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Ten Top…Cities to see Street Art

Ok, so we might be biased but London is surely the best city in the world to see Street Art?From Shoreditch in the east and Notting Hill in the west to Brixton in the South and Camden in the North, street artists have helped transform the neighbourhoods of this fine city into a huge urban gallery.

But no one likes a show-off. So with that in mind, we’re sharing the love and today’s feature focuses on OTHER cities around the world where you can get your street art fix.

10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Having decriminalized street art in 2009, Brazil’s second largest city now has walls with colours to rival it’s carnival outfits.

9. New York City, USA

Regarded by many as the spiritual home of graffiti, the city that never sleeps makes the most of its insomnia adorning the surfaces of the big apple.

8. Paris, France

A significant chunk of money from City Hall recently dedicated to ‘murs d’expression’ (street art walls) across all the Parisian arrondisments, providing another reason not to fall head over heels for this city.

7.  Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon has been having a bit of a moment for a while now and judging from the art work “Europe’s new capital of cool” certainly passes the creativity test.

6. Bethlehem, Israel

The opening of Banksy’s Walled Off hotel and gallery earlier this year, shone a spotlight on the art scene of this troubled city.

5. Valparaiso, Chile

Chilean artists have long made their home in this laid back location with bohemian mores. Cobblestone streets lined with houses in kaleidoscopic colours make it hard to tell where homes end and art begins.

4. Miami, USA

The artsy enclave of Wynwood, home to over 70 galleries, attracts well known and emerging artists keen to make their mark on the famous Wynwood Walls.

3. Melbourne, Australia

From side streets and highways to alleys and main streets, Melbourne offers numerous highly concentrated clusters to those down under.

2. Berlin, Germany

A city synonymous with street art, the East Side Gallery at the Berlin Wall, is covered with over 100 paintings from artists across the world.

1. Mexico City, Mexico

The chaos and colour of Mexico City and the birthplace of muralists Rivera, Siqueiros and Orozco, provides the perfect backdrop for urban artists wanting to make their mark.


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