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VAULT festival to close with a RUCKUS

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

After eight incredible weeks of theatre, comedy, cabaret and immersive performances and parties, VAULT festival comes to a close on 17th March.

The last late-night event of the Festival, RUCKUS, also coincides with St Patrick’s Day, meaning it will be a barnstorming booze-up and a raucous night with the friendliest mobsters in town!

Award-winning immersive theatre company ​SPECIFIQ​ invites guests to their underground world of Peaky Blinders-style gangsters and rowdy interactive mayhem, accompanied by their traditional Paddy’s Day soundtrack of as much celtic punk as you can shake a flat-cap at.

Headlining RUCKUS is ​The Lagan​, bringing their unique brand of beer-soaked London Irish folk punk: a rough blend of hard-hitting and melodic dance-til-you-drop tunes. Expect DJs, walkabout entertainment by some of London’s finest immersive theatre talent, a den of disrepute, custom cocktails and a chance to toast the end of the biggest VAULT Festival yet.

Highlights will include a late-night set from Kaptin Barrett aka AAA Badboy – DJ, Radio Presenter, Boomtown Fair’s Head of Music and all round music junkie.

For the bold and adventurous, a twisty immersive trail will lead to rival siblings, jealous lovers and irrefutable proof of the luck of the Irish. In this world, the boss doesn’t stay on top for long. Who will be crowned at the end of the night? Dressed in their best ‘gangster-chic’, party-goers are invited to don their flat caps, braces, bobs, furs, and shiny shoes, and head underground for a night of music and madness. No one parties like the Irish mob. Sláinte.

For more information or to book your ticket, click here.

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