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#LeakeStreetLIVE public events programme to launch with a free event celebrating urban culture

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Next month, will mark the official launch of #LeakeStreetLIVE, a new free public events programme that will bring a range of events and activations to Leake Street Arches throughout the year.

Following a well-received trial of activities in September, the #LeakeStreetLIVE winter programme will see Leake Street Arches host free graffiti workshops accompanied by live music every Thursday night.

The winter programme will also incorporate monthly activities such as Sunset dances (guided silent dances led by the international dance movement Secret Sunrise) and Paint Jams (where groups of artists get together to paint to a theme).

To celebrate, on Thursday 14th November, from 6pm to 9pm, members of the public are invited to join a free event where they can:

*Take part in a mini graffiti workshop *Join a Secret Sunset dance experience *Listen to new music talent perform live *Watch graffiti artists at work *Enjoy special offers from Leake Street Arches bars and restaurants (including Banh Bao

Brothers, Draughts, Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen and Bar and 26 Leake Street)

#LeakeStreetLIVE supports the Leake Street Arches ethos of celebrating urban culture and creativity by providing immersive experiences that everyone can get involved in.

The programme will change seasonally to incorporate photography masterclasses, food and drink workshops and fitness classes.

Thursday night graffiti workshops will be led by Sophy Robson (aka SoFLY). Sophy will give a brief introduction to the world of graffiti before demonstrating a few techniques.

Guests will then be invited to leave their own mark on the walls of Leake Street. Running from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, these workshops will include overalls, masks and spray paint.

The classes will be accompanied by live music from talented musicians from Busk London’s roster of emerging talent. Busk London is the world’s largest street performance initiative, curating over 12,000 hours of live street music across the Capital each year.

Each Thursday, from 5.30pm to 8pm, three different artists will perform three separate 40 minute sets.

The bars and restaurants at Leake Street Arches, including Draughts, Banh Bao Brothers, Mamuśka! Polish Kitchen and Bar and 26 Leake Street will be open every Thursday evening so visitors can enjoy food and drink late into the night.

To register for your FREE ticket, CLICK HERE.

Tunnel Rules

London & Continental Railways Limited (LCR), the landlord of Leake Street Arches and the managers of the Leake Street Tunnel, are keen to support the creative community working on Leake Street and ensure that other people in the local area continue to value the contribution that tunnel activities bring to the neighbourhood. These Tunnel Rules are designed to create an enjoyable experience for everyone.

Events, Filming and Photography

If you are interested in holding an event (including photo shoot or film shoot) in the public spaces of Leake Street Arches, please complete this Authorisation Form and send to info@leakestreetarches.london.

If you are interested in holding a private event at one of the businesses in Leake Street Arches, please contact the business directly or email us on
info@leakestreetarches.london and we will introduce you.

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