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From Hollywood Hills to Leake Street Arches

Leake Street Arches is a celebration of urban culture and creativity. From Leake Street’s early beginnings playing host to Banksy’s Cans Festival (which turned the tunnel into London’s largest legal graffiti wall) to where it is today (home to a growing collection of independent businesses), this Waterloo hideaway is a thriving hub of activity.

The ever changing walls, which provide a canvas for street artists, are a much sought after backdrop for other creatives. From photographers, dancers, fashion designers, yoga practitioners, singers, musicians, skateboarders, actors, mime artists, make-up artists, stylists and everything in between, a walk down Leake Street will always provide inspiration both for and from London’s creatives.

LCR, the landlord of Leake Street Arches and the managers of the Leake Street Tunnel, are keen to support the creative community working on Leake Street and ensure that other people in the local area continue to value the contribution that tunnel activities bring to the neighbourhood. As such, Leake Street Arches hosts a huge number of film and photo shoots which fit the ethos of the area. From small non-for-profit shoots with students and charities, to larger film crews producing work that champions creativity, diversity and inclusion, there’s always something exciting being captured on camera!

Last week was no exception, as we welcomed Golden Globe and Olivier award winner, Tom Hiddleston, to Leake Street Arches to film a trailer for his upcoming new play.

Part of Jamie Lloyd’s ‘Pinter at the Pinter’ season, ‘Betrayal’, centres on two married couples and an affair between two of the characters. The play is unique in its structure, which begins after the affair has ended, and runs in reverse chronology.

Whilst filming needed to be kept under wraps (as the announcement wouldn’t be released to press for another four days), passers-by got a glimpse of Tom as he walked up and down the tunnels to get the perfect shot. Several were visibly moved by the amount of emotion that could be portrayed in a single look to camera. Acting at its finest!

The resulting trailer quickly ‘broke the internet’. Tom initially released a teaser on his Instagram account (securing nearly 2 million views), leaving fans confused but thirsty for more! Shortly afterwards, the Harold Pinter Theatre confirmed rumours with an official announcement before the press were informed.

Great to see the Leake Street Arches location mentioned in coverage such as BBC America and The Times.

It was a privilege to have such established talent at Leake Street Arches and we wish Tom and the team every success with the production next year.

Betrayal will run at the Harold Pinter Theatre from 5th March to 3rd June 2019, with tickets on sale from 30th November. For further information, see

If you’re interested in holding a film or photography shoot at Leake Street Arches, please complete this form and send to 

A few photos from the shoot:


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