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#MeetAndGraff : Sophy Nails

#MeetAndGraff is a short interview series where we meet graffiti artists working on Leake Street and learn more about their style.

Name Sophy Robson

Graffiti Name SoFly


Social Media Handle @sophynails Follow Sophy on Instagram here Follow Sophy on Twitter here What age did you get into graffiti? My brother used to do it when I was a teenager and my first serious boyfriend was a graffiti writer. I used to do the handwriting style. My first tag was Zade but I didn’t start painting myself til a couple of years ago.

Who is your favourite graffiti artist? Putting me on the spot ! I like what All Type No Face, Aroe, Mef, Aches and Voyder do.

How would you describe your style? Girly and strong . I wanted it to appeal to women and girls and stand out . Someone called it “graff fancy”!

What do you want people to feel when they look at your work? Any response you provoke in someone is always a good feeling . Like for them to actually approach you or comment on it means a lot.

What do you think about London’s graffiti scene? I find it can be very male dominated and quite samey and boring. People often do the same characters and the same styles.

What do you think about legal walls such as Leake Street Tunnel? When I started painting it was great to know there was somewhere you could go and paint whatever the weather. It’s a good place for graff events and it’s convenient to get to so it serves its purpose well. There’s always good pieces of work to check out and generally you’ll meet other writers down there so it’s good to have.


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