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#MeetAndGraff : Otto Schade

Meet & Graff is a short interview series for which we meet different graffiti artists working on Leake Street to learn more about their style.

Last month we caught up with Otto Schade. The Chilean born artist is normally found painting walls near his home in Shoreditch but had made a trip to Leake Street Arches to catch up on the latest developments.

Name Otto Schade

Graffiti Name Osch


Social Media Handles Follow Otto on Instagram @Otto_schade

What age did you get into graffiti? I didn’t! I regard myself as a street artist rather than a graffiti artist. After a degree in Architecture at the Bio Bio University and one in Construction and Design in Concepción, Chile, I started my career as an Architect with my own practice and as an Urban Sculptor, achieved recognition for both public and private projects. But I have always been fascinated by Surrealism and abstract art, and in 2009, aged 38 turned to painting. I then moved to London, and obviously being new to the city struggled to get galleries to notice me (it is also hugely expensive!) so started painting walls in Shoreditch.

Who is your favourite street artist? Smug 1

How would you describe your style? As a broader artist, I originally worked with oil paint on canvas, but have consistently explored different styles and mediums – growing, adapting changing style to include other techniques such as collage, illustration and stencil free-hand spray paint. After moving to Shoreditch, I adapted my style again, this time to painting on the streets using the pseudonym “Osch”.  I developed my ‘orb style’ for communicating an anti-war theme and my trademark ‘ribbon style’ emerged out of the use of space knowledge I’d gained from my architectural background.

What do you want people to feel when they look at your work? I have no expectations. I am glad to have people see my work and am open to any way they interpret it.

What do you think about London’s graffiti scene? The graffiti and street art scene are two VERY different scenes!

What do you think about legal walls such as Leake Street? It’s a great place to visit and see so much creativity on display. Although last time I painted there, my work was covered within a day so it was a slightly disheartening experience! Least you can be sure there’s always something new to look at!


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