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Discover a brand-new tale of Christmas cheer - Humbug: The Immersive Christmas Dive Bar

After being forced to work way past retirement age for at least the past few centuries,

Santa’s finally had enough.

Unless that is… he can be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas.

Hidden below the archways of Waterloo, a world away from the North Pole, lies Santa’s

cherished watering hole and dive bar, Humbug - the place where Christmas takes an

unconventional twist.

This year, Santa has swapped the sleigh for a cosy bar stall at his favourite local, and this

year, he’s in need of some serious Christmas cheer.

Enter you!

Discover a Christmas like no other, where you can expect raucous live performances, 2

hours of interactive storytelling and plenty of festive surprises along the way.

And that's not all...Rumour has it, there'll even be an epic Christmas party to end the night…that is if you succeed in cheering up a weary (and slightly intoxicated) Santa.

Get an early dose of Christmas cheer in an interactive experience like no other as you sip on

naughty cocktails, rub shoulders with the misfit locals of Humbug and sing along to the

greatest festive tunes of all time. Step up Mariah Carey fans!

Tickets are selling fast so you’d better grab yours now. Santa's coming to town, and he has a

beer with your name on it.

Performances from 15 th November – 6 th January.

Age Restrictions: 18+ only

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