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Marc Craig, is primarily recognised for his signature doodle large-scale urban art murals but trained originally  in textile and ceramic design. He transitioned to large-scale mural works in 2015, garnering recognition for his work with major brands such as Guinness, Wahacca, and Nescafe. Marc is also passionate about photography, abstract painting, and AI art, and his primary interest lies in collaborative community-driven projects. In January 2023, he launched Leake Street Galleries, a project dedicated to supporting artists working in the urban landscape. Currently, Marc is developing Caps And Cans, a month-long urban art festival in partnership with Murwalls and Centrale shopping centre in Croydon, scheduled for August 2023, as part of Croydon being the Borough Of Culture in 2023/24.

Inspired by those who work with the raw and maverick nature of creativity, Marc advocates for artists of all skills, aiding and enhancing the creativity of others. With the Leake Street Art Residency, Marc plans to create a series of portraits based on individuals in the community, using his new character project called Max The Virus, which is based on an AI creation. Since its initial creation in November 2022, Max has gained recognition and exposure on German TV and even turned into a portrait for Julian Clary. Marc aims to create 52 portraits, one for each week of the residency year. Additionally, he plans to host graffiti art workshops and other surprises, culminating in a finale mural on the ceiling of Leake Street, his largest mural to date.

Find out more about Marc and his projects by following the links below:

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